Tuesday, September 16, 2008


CIA managers and officers, working with agents at FBI Headquarters they had subjugated, criminally obstructed the FBI investigation of the Cole bombing on numerous times, starting from November 2000 by hiding from the FBI criminal investigators the information on the al Qaeda planning meeting that took place in Kuala Lumpur from January 5-8, 2000, and the fact that this meeting had been attended by Khalid al-Mihdhar, Nawaf al-Hazmi and Tawfiq Bin Attash, also known as Khallad, the mastermind of the Cole bombing.

This is not only where the Cole bombing had been planned, but also where the attacks on 9/11 had also been planned. In November 2000, Soufan gave the Yemen CIA station a passport photo of Khallad with his official request for information from the CIA on any information the CIA had on Khallad Bin Attash and on any meeting in Kuala Lumpur in January 2000.

When Khallad was identified by the FBI/CIA joint source in December 2000 as a high level al Qaeda terrorist, the CIA had the FBI/CIA source look at photographs taken at Kuala Lumpur of both Mihdhar and Khallad in January 2001. Khallad was immediately identified from these photographs as having been at that meeting with both Mihdhar and Hazmi.

The CIA at this point not only knew that both Mihdhar and Hazmi had taken part in the planning of the Cole bombing at Kuala Lumpur, but the CIA themselves were culpable in allowing that bombing to take place for having photographed the terrorists at that meeting, and then allowing them to leave this meeting, with no effort to identify what they had been up to or where they went after this meeting.

Once the CIA was aware that they, themselves had been culpable in the Cole bombing, they started a wide ranging criminal conspiracy to keep this information away from FBI criminal investigators on the FBI Cole bombing investigation.

But the horror story of all horror stories is when the CIA officers and the FBI HQ agents with whom they were working, found out both Mihdhar and Hazmi were inside of the US on August 22, 2001, they immediately knew these al Qaeda terrorists were in the US to take part in a huge al Qaeda attack.

Yet, they continued to hide the information on this meeting and the people who had attended this meeting from the FBI criminal investigators on the Cole bombing. FBI HQ agents who were part of this criminal conspiracy went so far as to conceal the fact that they had obtained a written release from NSA caveats, even before they told FBI agents on the Cole bombing investigation that they could not take part in any investigation of Mihdhar due to the NSA caveats. These FBI HQ agents then fabricated the ruling from NSLU attorneys, claiming the NSLU attorney, Sherry Sabole had ruled they could not take part in any investigation of Mihdhar when in fact Sabol had ruled that the Cole bombing investigators could take part in any investigation of Mihdhar. These FBI HQ agents and the CIA managers they were working with knew this would shut down the only effective investigation that could have found Mihdhar and Hazmi quickly.

Because both these CIA officers and FBI HQ agents knew a huge attack that was about to occur inside of the US, they clearly knew that by shutting down this investigation oif Mihdhar by the FBI Cole investigators, thousands of Americans were going to perish in these attacks, as a direct result of their actions.

See the book "Prior Knowledge of 9/11" for more in depth information on this.

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