Monday, September 15, 2008

The fabrication of the NSLU ruling by FBI HQ Agent Dina Corsi

When FBI HQ Agent Dina Corsi told FBI Agent Steve Bongardt he could not be part of any investigation of Mihdhar, he asked if she could obtain a ruling from the legal department at the FBI NSLU unit. But evidence now shows that Corsi fabricated the ruling she relayed to Bongardt on August 29, 2001. The NSLU Attorney, Sherry Sabol, who gave Corsi the ruling, later told FBI IG investigators on November 7, 2001, that she told Corsi that Bongardt could take part in any investigation of Mihdhar, because the NSA information had no FISA component, and that if Corsi was confused, Corsi herself could have obtained a release directly from the NSA (Sabol was unaware that the NSLU had given Corsi this release two days before, and that Corsi had not revealed this informatuion when she had asked Sabol for a NSLU ruling on whether Bongardt could take part in an investigation of Mihdhar.)

Verifying information: 9/11 Commission report Page 538, Footnote 81, states:
9-11 Commission Report, Page 538, Footnote 81

See the book "Prior Knowledge of 9/11" for more in depth information on this.

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Unknown said...

Dina Corsi is directly responsible for the loss of life at WTC.Including my dear friend Virgina-wife mother sister daughter.

I hope Dina Corsi never sleeps through the night again!